Culture Days Manitoba

Arts and creative expression are, and always have been, part of everyday life in Manitoba. Culture Days is an opportunity to celebrate cultural expression and creativity in our lives as artists, audience, patrons, and participants.

Culture Days Manitoba is a non-profit organization that facilitates opportunities for all Manitobans to engage with arts and culture. We produce the annual Nuit Blanche Winnipeg event, a free exploration and celebration of contemporary art.

No matter your age or skill-level, Culture Days offers a chance to try something new. The festivities will include visual arts, heritage, Indigenous arts and traditional practices, cross-cultural activities, educational tours, community street festivals, collective art-making projects, interactive installations, storytelling, avant-garde performance art and more. We encourage everyone to rediscover their city, their community, and their province as they explore the full range of Culture Days and Nuit Blanche activities!

*In 2021, Culture Days is extending beyond the traditional Culture Days weekend to a more inclusive and interactive 4-week schedule of activities. Kicking off September 24th and running until October 24th, Culture Days invites everyone to participate in and show appreciation for arts and culture in their own communities and nationwide! You can also read more about our response to the crisis on this page.

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Nuit Blanche Winnipeg

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Ekphrasis: A Conversation with Visual Art

Gayle Halliwell & Rosemary Miguez, Visual Artists Winnipeg Beach, MB

The Pas Helping Hands 4H Club Food & Fashion Show

The Pas Arts Council/The Pas Helping Hands 4H Club The Pas, MB

'On the Fence" Art

The Pas Helping Hands 4H Club/The Pas Arts Council The Pas, MB

Storytellers' Film Festival

The Pas Arts Council/Storytellers' Film Festival The Pas, MB

Sep 25

2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Early Music at Dalnavert Museum

Winnipeg Early Music Society and Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' Centre Winnipeg, MB

Oct 2

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM