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Happy Culture Days, Saskatchewan!

Join us for Culture Days in Saskatchewan for FREE hands-on and participatory arts and cultural activities.

Saskatchewan is proud to be part of Culture Days, the national celebration of arts and culture that takes place each year during the last weekend of September.

Since Culture Days launched in 2010, thousands of people in the province have enjoyed discovering and exploring new creative and cultural activities like tipi-raisings, needle felting, print-making, plein air painting, mandolin lessons, Métis jigging… and so much more!

Culture Days activities are fun, engaging and suited to all ages and abilities, and the three-day span makes it ideal for busy schedules.

Absolutely anyone and everyone can participate—there’s something for everyone!

Whether you are an individual, organization or community – Culture Days offers countless opportunities to be involved.

You can take the lead in organizing Culture Days activities in your community…share your talent as a performer, artist or cultural worker…support organizers in your community by volunteering your time, expertise or venue space…or take part in the myriad of FUN and FREE activities happening in your community and throughout Saskatchewan.

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