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Outside the Lines 2021 Programming

We have been working hard to create arts workshops that are fun, engaging and rewarding for students this fall. These workshops are designed to engage students in new mediums and challenge their creative spirit. Please see below for full workshop descriptions.

All of these workshops are completely free, please click on the link of workshop title to visit the mentor’s webpage. We are hosting all workshops on the platform Discourse. This platform allows teachers to interact with the workshop mentors that created the videos. We hope to engage students beyond a video and we would love if classes will share their finished product in our secure chat forum. Once you register online (see link below) we will invite you to our free secure chat forum on Discourse.

To Regsiter for 2021 programming please click HERE

[The Winnipeg Art Gallery - Painting with Cori Jaye Ettienne]

In the Celestial Moon video class, we will create an atmospheric moon painting, complete with stars and clouds! We will explore a bunch of different acrylic painting techniques including how to paint stars, a halo of light around the moon, as well as mixing and blending colours from primaries.

Pre-recorded tutorial Grds. 6-11, Multi class workshop (2-3 periods)

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet - Hip Hop & Jazz Dance workshop

The RWB is excited to present a Hip Hop workshop with instructor Greg McGlenning. This high-energy workshop is fun and challenging and is appropriate for anyone in Grades 6 and up. Whether you are new to Hip Hop or want to learn some new moves, you’ll want to check this out!

The RWB is proud to present a Jazz workshop with instructor Danielle Platford. In this fast-paced workshop, Danielle will breakdown each step so that beginners Grade 6 and up will be successful and feel empowered by their new skills.

Pre-recorded tutorial Grade 6 and up, 2 Single period videos


Seraph-Eden Bororditsky - Metis Storytelling

Metis Artist and culture keeper Seraph-Eden Boroditsky will take students through the origin of storytelling, the roles storytelling has, and still plays in Indigenous cultures, and the unique way Metis storytelling evolved. Two Metis short stories will be shared - one of legend, the other a legend in the making. … Students will be given tips to craft their own short story and are encouraged to ask questions and share comments in the chat.

Pre-recorded tutorial Grds. 6-12, Single period workshop

Freeze Frame - Optical Toys Workshop

Ideal for younger learners, Optical Toys workshops allow kids to gain a fundamental understanding of how to animate an image, using hands-on learning activities.

Kids will build historic animated toys used in the early 19th century, which will help guide them to understand how individual pictures can come to life and make a motion picture. Using paper, markers and string, they will create their own Thaumatropes and Phenakistiscopes. This will allow kids to use their imagination and artistic skills to make their own creative ideas spring into life!

Idéal pour les jeunes élèves, cet atelier leur permettra de comprendre comment il est possible d’animer une image et ce, au travers d’activités manuelles et ludiques. Présenté en Français - le 6 octobre, 9h 15 à 10h 15, 4 à 9 ans

Live streamed class Oct. 6 - French from 9:15-10:15 and English at 1:15-2:15 For availability email: Ages 4-9, Single period tutorial

Manitoba Theatre For Young People - Puppet workshops and Dramatic Acting

Manitoba Theatre for Young People will reach out to students with Pre-recorded Puppetry and Creative Drama lessons for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5. Get creative with MTYP!

Pre-recorded tutorial Kindergarten - Grd. 4

La Maison des artistes visuels francophones - Collage

La Maison des artistes visuels francophones présente un atelier en français, animé par Sana Mimouna; au thème de Mémoire et collage inspiré de l’exposition Maison de matière sombre par l’artiste, Chris Dorosz. Un jeu de matériaux et de textures en racontant à la fois une histoire personnelle et l’histoire du collage laissera briller votre créativité!

Tutoriel préenregistré Niveaux 6- 9 Vidéo d’une seule période

For more info about 2021 student programming please email Kurt Tittlemier:

Student Programming Sponsor