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Unexpected Intersections Series

An intersection—a point where two or more things converge—that’s where things get interesting! Inspired by Culture Days’ 2020 theme, this series showcases creative junctions and far-flung collaborations between the sectors.

Strangers and Fiction

Anne Logan for Culture Days

Sep 2, 2020

At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, They Build More Than Boats

Aleen Leigh Stanton for Culture Days

Aug 5, 2020

Listen to the River: An Ode to the Columbia River

Saba Dar for Culture Days

Jul 8, 2020

Building 21: Make zines, not research papers

Greta Rainbow for Culture Days

Jun 15, 2020

“People are Finally Listening”–Indigenous Animation Rises Up

Chris Robinson for Culture Days

Apr 14, 2020

Until the Lights Go Out

Taylor Basso for Culture Days

Mar 12, 2020