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Press Play to get to know our network and friends from the sector.

The E.W.o.C. Project in Toronto, ON

Culture Days

5 févr. 2022

Surita Dey from Brampton Library, ON

Culture Days

9 nov. 2021

ArtsJunktion in Winnipeg, MB

Culture Days

16 sept. 2021

A collection of pieces from the Culture Days Network and provincial partners.

Our event organizers hail from the full spectrum of cultural creators—from grassroots community volunteers, public libraries, and independent artists, to major arts, culture, and heritage institutions, speciality festivals, and municipalities. Get to know some of them here.

A special blog series featuring writers and creatives from across Canada (and beyond!) with stories that both highlight and celebrate Culture Days’ 2021 theme, RE:IMAGINE.

La poésie pour vivre différemment la pandémie

Jérôme Melançon pour Fête de la culture

30 sept. 2021

Empathy Machines?: Exploring the Relationship between Immersive Art Technologies and Feeling

Jozef Spiteri and Sunita Nigam for Culture Days

9 sept. 2021

An intersection—a point where two or more things converge—that’s where things get interesting! inspired by Culture Days’ 2020 theme of Unexpected Intersections, this series showcases creative junctions and far-flung collaborations between the sectors.

Strangers and Fiction

Anne Logan for Culture Days

2 sept. 2020

At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, They Build More Than Boats

Aleen Leigh Stanton for Culture Days

5 août 2020

Listen to the River: An Ode to the Columbia River

Saba Dar for Culture Days

8 juil. 2020

A special blog series examining Culture Days’ 2019 theme of Creativity, the Arts, and Well-being.

Building Mental Health Through Art

Leah Sandals

19 mars 2019

Reframing Aging Through the Arts

Leah Sandals

23 juil. 2019

Connecting to Colour

Aubrey Reeves

17 juil. 2019

Music to Soothe

Aubrey Reeves

10 juil. 2019

A shout-out new or rising artists creatives, and/or collectives from across the country that should be on your radar.

Make Room For... Chris L. Butler

Culture Days x Chris L. Butler

19 nov. 2021

Make Room For... Alia G. Peoples

Culture Days x Alia G. Peoples

19 avr. 2021

Make Room For... Creato

Fernanda Sierra Suárez and Fiorella Martinez

16 févr. 2021

BC Culture Days Ambassadors act as spokespeople and community catalysts for BC Culture Days. The ambassador program runs throughout the months of May-October, leading up to and including Culture Days.

Research, data, stories and more from the arts and cultural sector.

Museums as Collaborative Spaces

Samuel Bernier-Cormier

29 nov. 2019

An Artist's Survival Guide

Mandy Rushton

17 sept. 2018

Showing Up

Elana Bizovie

27 août 2018