Creativity & Well-being

The data presented on this page comes from national surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019. Our 2020 research is compiled separately as it is unique and centered around the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. To see this data, please refer to our COVID-19, Culture Days, and the Arts page.

Culture Days’ 2019 theme, Creativity, the Arts and Well-being examined how the contributions of arts and culture are perceived by Canadians to impact their individual and collective well-being. In addition to this research, you can read more about our themed 2019 projects here.

72% of Canadians believe that arts and culture are important to our mental well-being, with 29% stating they are very important.

Here are the top ways in which Culture Days attendees say arts and culture affect their mental health:

Further reading:
The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada - Report from Hill Strategies Research Inc.
The Arts in Canada: Setting the Stage for Well-Being - Report from Hill Strategies Research Inc. Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing - Report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (UK)

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