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Meet some of our organizers

Quinton of the Piikani Nation

Quinton Crow Shoe is the Special Events and Marketing Coordinator at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site in the foothills of the Alberta Rockies. He spends a lot of time promoting and protecting this special place. He has a passion for building awareness and pride in First Nations poeple and creating a better understanding for all.

“Over the years, the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo jump has broken down barriers and created a better understanding and dialogue amongst indigenous and non-indigenous people”

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Kaitlyn in Milton, ON

Kaitlyn Patience acts as community organizer for the Milton region in Ontario. Year after year she plays a major role in coordinating the many events by creatives from all over the region.

“The most exciting aspect of Culture Days is seeing families discover activities together”

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Vrunda in Regina, SK

Vrunda Upadhyay moved from Mumbai to Regina in July 2019 and quickly got involved in the local arts and culture scene, organizing her first Culture Days events that same year. She practices Bharatnatyam dance, bringing her cultural traditions to her new enviornment in Saskatchewan.

“While practicing I forget every sorrow and just get immersed in the meeting of my body and its soul”

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Karen from the Jube School, AB

Karen Youngberg is the Cultural Development Specialist at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, where she organizes programs geared towards creative and experiential learning. These programs include Jube School, which gives Albertan students the chance to experiment with a wide variety of arts and culture activities.

“I believe that creating is a way of knowing”

Sebastian in Prince George, BC

Sebastian Nicholson says that he forages for connection in his hometown of Prince George in British Columbia. In 2019 he organized a treasure hunt as a Culture Days event, where people tried to find cast sculptures of mushrooms that had been painted by the community itself. He is passionate about building a sense of community and connectedness around him.

“Being an artist in Prince George means sharing opportunity and working to foster an environment where individals feel safe to express themselves”

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Pam and Heather from the Art Bomb Festival in Gananoque, ON

The Art Bomb Festival was created in 2019 by local artists and studio owners Pam Staples and Heather Haynes in order to celebrate arts and culture in Gananoque, ON. The one-day festival, which takes place on the Culture Days weekend, transforms the town into a creative space where everybody is welcomed to participate in a multitude of activities that encourage creativity.

“The 1000 Islands/Gananoque area is certainly a place that welcomes and celebrates the arts in all forms”

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Rosemary in Sackville, NB

Dr. Rosemary Polegato is a professor at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, where every year she works with students to organize Culture Days events throughout town as part of a course curriculum. This is one of the oldest Culture Days programs and a very successful one year after year.

“The Culture Days project allows students to see how welcome they are by small businesses and the citizens of Sackville”

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