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Meet our Organizers: Vrunda in Regina

Culture Days

Feb 18, 2020

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Looking back on the 2019 celebrations, we want to highlight some exceptional organizers who help make the Culture Days celebration what it is across Canada. Vrunda Upadhyay moved from Mumbai to Regina in July 2019 and quickly jumped feet-first into the local arts and culture scene. We asked Vrunda to share more about her experience as both a newcomer to the community and a first-time Culture Days organizer. Get to know Vrunda below.

Tell us a bit about your life story: where are you from and when did you come to Canada?

I am from the Indian state of Gujarat, born and brought up in the city of Baroda, then got married and moved to Mumbai. I established my business, the Mudra Dance Academy, in Mumbai where I spent the past 10 years training more than 500 students in the style of the Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam. Recently, in July 2019, I moved to this beautiful country of Canada.

You now live and work in Regina, SK. What three words best describe your new city?

Peaceful. Cool. Absorbing.

You are a talented dancer, choreographer, and singer. How long have you been practicing Bharatnatyam dance? What do you enjoy most about it?

Thanks for appreciating. I started to sing and dance at the age of five, hence its been 27 years practicing both the art forms. While practicing I forget every sorrow and just get immersed in the meeting of my body with its soul. This is the thing I love the most as it gives me a stress-free life.

Where did you first hear about Culture Days?

After I came to Canada I searched for a platform which could provide me an interaction with the community here in Regina. The first thing I came to find via Google was the Culture Days event. And it just clicked.

As both a newcomer to your community and a first-time organizer, what made you decide to participate in Culture Days?

I was overwhelmed with its reviews on Google and then I learned more about it on the SaskCulture website. I thought it would be the best platform to work on as back in India I used to organize various programs year-round.

What can you say about the experience of participating in Culture Days?

My personal experience was amazing. I feel many organizations or individuals should come together and support Culture Days events as their approach, planning, and exposure given to an individual or organization is absolutely appropriate.

Do you have a vision or goal for your dance company, Mudra Dance Academy?

Yes. I do visualize my dance company becoming the best dance company to impart knowledge to our community about this beautiful art form. I want to make community members more aware of how important this art is for our culture through various dance performances here in Regina as well as in India, where my dance company also continues to run.

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