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Arts & Culture Conversations - Printmaker Ingrid Mayrhofer

Halton Hills, ON

Livestream Digital & new media Interdisciplinary Printmaking Visual arts

Join us for a series of interviews by Francesca Durham, in conversation with a few of the arts & culture workers who make Halton Hills a culturally vibrant community! In this second interview, Francesca speaks with printmaker Ingrid Mayrhofer - who designed the banners for the very first project of the Halton Hills Public Art Program - about her creative process and personal philosophies as a practicing visual artist. Don't forget to check out the other interviews in this series, with artists who work and play in Halton Hills, including curator Judy Daley, recording artist Promise, teen writer Sydney Patten, and interdisciplinary artist Mosa McNeilly. If you enjoyed this interview, register for Ingrid's 20-minute print making workshop at the Halton Hills Public Library and Cultural Centre on Saturday, October 17th from 2-4pm. Activity is linked below.

Thu 08 Oct
5:00 PM →
Sun 25 Oct
→ 11:55 PM

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  • Ingrid Mayrhofer in conversation with Francesca Durham. Ingrid Mayrhofer in conversation with Francesca Durham.

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Francesca Durham

Francesca Durham is a holistic art therapy facilitator and mentor who helps people find wellness, balance, and self-confidence through the healing benefits of art and creativity. As a mentor, she helps her clients transition through major life crises opening a pathway for re-discovering their potential. Music and MARI® workshops facilitated by Francesca are uniquely created for such self-discovery. Each workshop provides an experience to uplift and improve your wellbeing. Francesca’s therapeutic harp practice helps long term health care facilities provide life-enriching experiences to dementia and Alzheimer sufferers. In her practice, she also serves palliative care and hospice, those suffering from chronic pain, MS, Cancer, and Strokes. She is a certified therapeutic harp practitioner and clinical musician Her life experiences have taught her to embrace each new day with Hope & Inspiration. Francesca is a certified Colour Life Coach who enjoys interviewing lots of interesting people for her YouTube Channel. At home, she loves spoiling her 4lb Yorkie with lots of playtime and nature walks.


Halton Hills

Halton Hills, ON

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Francesca Durham