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You are viewing an archived event from a previous year.

Culture Days will return September 20 – October 13, 2024.

TELL: A digital coffee-house


Intercultural Interdisciplinary Performance Poetry & spoken word Theatre
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Waterloo Region, ON


Free, and accepts optional pay-what-you-may donations for admission.

Offered in English and French.


TELL is MT Space’s nurturing community gathering, now in the shape of a digital coffee-house platform where artists and community members come together to share what they are working on and what they are thinking about. It’s a place for urgent conversations in these trying and unprecedented times, where the future of the performing arts keeps us nervous and innovative. It’s a laid-back atmosphere where artists can perform their works-in-progress, short completed works, or simply start a conversation with the audience.

This October, TELL is focusing on the theme of Universal Basic Income (UBI). MT Space joined the efforts in fighting for UBI because we understand how much marginalized communities will benefit, and how immensely helpful this would be for the arts to ensure artists can survive while they create. Ensuring our artists are supported is always difficult, and we know a UBI would ensure that finding livable wages while trying to create is no longer an issue.

What is UBI and what does it do for us?

an innovation policy, unlocking the opportunity for everyone to take bigger risks, think long term, and create.

abolishes poverty and reduces human suffering as well as all reducing the costs of poverty to society.

guarantees there is no longer a “working poor” ensuring that ongoing technological innovation is directed at preserving and expanding a middle class way of life for everyone.

Join us live online on October 17th at 2:00 pm for performances and conversation on this urgent issue!


MT Space

MT Space is an international theatre company based in the Waterloo Region, devoted to developing inter-cultural forms and practices in performance, producing, touring and presenting artistic work that reflects Canada’s cultural diversity.

Since 2004, our company has been an unexpected intersection, as a conduit for internationally trained immigrants and newcomer professionals across all disciplines, consistently challenging the definition of theatre.

MT Space develops regional, national, and international artistic initiatives to generate necessary and urgent conversations that help expand perspectives and representation in storytelling on the Canadian stage to affect real, positive change.


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