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Culture Days will return September 20 – October 13, 2024.

Reveal/Reform: Exhibition Opening Party + Open Mic


Intercultural Poetry & spoken word Storytelling Performance
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Date and time


Hatch Art Gallery

6133 University Boulevard

Vancouver, BC

Directions: The Hatch Art Gallery can be found on the second floor of UBC's the Nest building, in front of / to the right of the elevators.



Offered in English.

Wheelchair accessible.


Unleash the power of words and emotions at the Reveal/Reform exhibition Opening Night, a captivating open mic event. Step onto the stage and share your poetic expressions, monologues, and stories that delve into the emotional landscapes of navigating a capitalist society. Explore how oppression has left its mark and discover the resilience found through community, collective culture, or individual creativity. Witness the transformational power of art as diverse voices unite, unveiling the intricate tapestry of human experiences.


Join the UBC ARTIVISM Festival (Sept 6-Oct19) and The Hatch Art Gallery in presenting an evening that will immerse you in the activist cultural art from Palestinian and Filipino artists, creating a powerful backdrop for the open mic event. Drawing inspiration from the Filipino practice of "talambuhay," which translates to telling of one's story or autobiography, we encourage participants to share stories of struggle and life, fostering a deeper understanding of our activist community members and supporting their daily lives. By providing a platform for sharing stories of celebration and resilience, we aim to create empathy and connection within the community, igniting inspiration to collaborate with the highlighted activist groups such as Sulong UBC & Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.


Revel/Reform - A Hatch Gallery Exhibition Opening Night promises to be an event of heartfelt storytelling, artistic expression, and the celebration of diverse identities and cultures. Come and be a part of this transformative experience, where art and activism intertwine, shaping a future grounded in collective care and solidarity.


Jesse Medrano

Jesse Medrano, the creative force behind "Artivism 2023: Madness in the Masses," is a individual who embodies passion, resilience, and a deep commitment to social justice. Currently pursuing a 4th-year degree in Gender, Race, and Sexuality Social Justice at UBC, Jesse's journey as a first-generation Filipino within challenging socioeconomic circumstances has profoundly shaped their perspective.

As the student creative director of Artivism, Jesse assumes a leadership role in curating a transformative festival experience. Their vision for the event stems from personal experiences living at the intersection of gender, racial, and class oppression as a first generation born Filipino. Jesse has come to recognize the transformative power of storytelling and its capacity to evoke empathy and collective care. They are determined to break the stigma around sharing stories of hardship and use them as a catalyst for fostering understanding and solidarity among diverse communities.

Inspired by the resilience and hope they found in art and activism, Jesse seeks to provide others with the same sense of empowerment and renewal. Their desire to offer newfound hope to individuals, especially those facing adversity, serves as a driving force behind the festival's conception.

Moreover, Jesse's connection to Filipino culture deeply influences the festival's ethos. They draw inspiration from deep-rooted Filipino cultural values of collective care and national identity forged through anti-colonial resistance. This desire to care for the community and nurture a sense of collectivism informs the very essence of the events they organize.

Incorporating the spirit of celebration and unity from their upbringing, Jesse aims to create an inclusive space for activists and masses to gather, exchange ideas, and find hope in their social relations. By embracing Filipino cultural elements, the festival becomes a tapestry of voices and experiences, woven together to create a platform for empowerment and change.

Through their efforts, they embody the transformative potential of art and activism, attempting to create conversation on class systems, foster storytelling on the mental and emotional effects of oppression and lastly imagine a culture of community and collective through creativity.


Jesse Medrano


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