What Music Means to Me: A Participatory Art Installation

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

Oakville, ON

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This art installation will be a traveling participatory mural that celebrates “what music means to me.” Music plays an instrumental role in many people’s lives and has been proven to improve mental health, test scores and overall well being. Our staff will take the piece (which will be created on a large butcher paper roll) to all of our Culture Days events and participants will be able to add their take on “what music means to me” to the mural. You can find the art installation at multiple events throughout Culture Days including: - September 24 at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park from 1-3pm - October 1 in the square in Downtown Oakville from 1-3pm - October 15 at the Oakville Museum from 1-2pm Stayed tuned for more locations!

Cet événement dure la durée de la Fête de la culture.

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  • Ukulele Playing, Bandology, Oakville, 2022, Juliette Rivers
  • Drumline, Bandology, Waterloo, 2022
  • Concert Band, Bandology, Oakville, 2022

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Bandology was willed into being by people who understand the multiple life-long benefits that music provides. United by common goals while participating in a high school music parent association, the co-founders were inspired to go beyond the classroom and into the community to help spread the love of music. Bandology's mission statement: More music for more kids via education, collaboration and community.

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Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

Oakville, ON

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Julianna Rutledge