Canadian Origin Stories

Weyburn Public Library

45 Bison Avenue

Weyburn, SK

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How did you come to live in Canada? "A Rightful Place" was created by the Common Weal arts organization as an effort to stimulate connection with and acceptance of newcomers amongst local communities. While tensions between locals and immigrants may arise for a variety of reasons, too often it is simply a lack of understanding and familiarity which gives rise to problematic stereotypes and misunderstanding between groups. Join us for an afternoon reception, where viewers are invited to share their Canadian Origin story. Stories can be shared in person or submitted in advance, and can be anonymous. This event will be live streamed on the Weyburn Arts Council's Facebook page. Current Covid protocols will be in place

dim. 26 Sep
14:00 – 16:00

Cet événement est gratuit.

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Weyburn Arts Council

Vision: The Weyburn Arts Council’s vision for the future is: to ensure that the visual arts are integral. For the public to come to understand and appreciate a wide variety of art forms; that Weyburn and area residents come to recognize that the arts play an important role in the lives of everyday people. Mission: The Weyburn Arts Council provides opportunities for everyone to experience art in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Value Statement: The Weyburn Arts Council, through its programs and exhibitions, illustrates that it values working together towards the common goal of developing community awareness and appreciation of the arts. WAC values the inclusion of the local arts community and the promotion of arts education. WAC recognizes the value of and continues to seek sufficient funding for diversified programming, which is essential to promote the benefits that the arts bring to community and family.

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45 Bison Avenue

Weyburn, SK

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Regan Lanning




Cet événement est accessible en chaise roulante.