CANADADA with MLHolton

Hamilton, ON

Enregistrement numérique Interculturel Musique Poésie et parole Écriture et littérature

Explore narrative ideas about Canada's past, present & future through #spoken word & #garageband album - CANADADA: TAKE TWO - by canajun artist, MLHolton. - Listen in for free x3. After that, a small donation would be most welcome.

Cet événement dure la durée de la Fête de la culture.

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Margaret Lindsay Holton

Award-winning writer & artist from southern Ontario, Margaret Lindsay Holton offers up her last album, CANADADA: TAKE TWO, for re-consideration. Things change, but some things never do. The Earth continues to revolve around the Sun. For more info about me and my practice, please see my blog. There, you will find visual, literary, and thought-filled items about how we all 'move forward'. And, if you're a reader, you'll find new novels, like TRILLIUM and The Gilded Beaver.


Beach Boulevard

Hamilton, ON

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Margaret Holton