The Village of Hillsborough: Conflict and Change in Albert County


Albert County, NB

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The town of Hillsborough in Albert County has a long, rich history of battle and industry, change and conflict. This community has been through many stages, from its early identity as the Acadian Village de Blanchard to its more recent existence as an industrial town centred on the production of gypsum. It has been the site of epic battles and community celebrations, industrial triumphs and personal tragedies. In this tour, we will explore Hillsborough's history as we take a walk throughout this small town. The tour begins beside the abandoned gypsum silos down Steeves Road, beside the River Petitcodiac. Here, we will learn about the history of the gypsum industry in Hillsborough and its role as an economic driver in the community for years. Next, we will head back up Steeves Road towards town, pausing for Stop Two at the Battle of Petitcodiac Monument, where we will explore the history of this great battle. Stop Three, at the old Hillsborough train station, looks into the history of the railroad in Albert County, while Stop Four discusses the effects both World Wars had on this small town. Next, at Stop Five we will learn about some early Hillsborough businesses. Then, turn down Legion Street and onto Mill Street to reach St. Mary's Anglican Church and learn about this historic building. From there, pay a visit to the Steeves House Museum for Stop Seven to learn about Hillsborough's early German settlers from Pennsylvania and the history of the prominent (Steiff) Steeves family. Stop Eight, back on Main Street, continues with the legacy of the Steeves family. Then, we take a look at another influential Hillsborough resident, John L. Peck, and finally, our last stop takes us to the Hillsborough Baptist Church, now the site of a German Bakery. The tour wraps up with a look at the history of this church and the Baptist religion in Hillsborough.

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Albert County, NB

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