The Village of Riverside-Albert: Communities Coming Together


Albert County, NB

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Originally, the small village of Riverside-Albert was actually two separate communities: the town of Albert to the west and the town of Riverside on the banks of the Shepody River. These two small communities grew up side by side throughout the early years of British and Canadian settlement in Albert County, each founded in the latter half of the nineteenth century. In 1966, the village of Riverside-Albert incorporated and the two communities became one. This walking tour will take you throughout the small town, winding along most of the main roads as we learn about the history of this community. The first stop, located at the bridge over the Shepody River, on the road towards Harvey, dives into the history of the railroad in Riverside-Albert and the bridge collapse that was almost deadly. Then, travel along King Street north to the Old Bank building, where Stops Two and Three are located. Here, learn the history of the bank. Head up Main Street for Stop Four and learn about the fires that plagued this community in its early years. Stop Five takes you farther up Main Street to the agricultural fairgrounds and the Oulton Hall, where you will dive into the history of the Albert County Exhibition. Stop Six is located around the bend to the east and farther down King Street, at St Alban's Church. Here, learn about the religious history of Riverside-Albert and the churches that call this town home. The final two stops of the tour are both located at the Riverside Consolidated School on Water Street. To get there, head south down Porter Street from the St Alban's Church and make a right on Water Street. Once you reach the school, explore the history of education in Albert County.

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Albert County, NB

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