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Arts, Creativity and Well-Being TEST

n 2019, the Culture Days’ theme, **Creativity, the Arts and Well-being, examined how people in Canada perceive the contributions of arts and culture to impact their individual and collective well-being. In addition to this research, you can read more about our themed 2019 projectshere.

If you would like to share these graphics or any of information below, please include the credit “Culture Days, 2022” and link to the page when possible.

Download the graphics from this page

Find more data and insights into the arts and community-building in Community Foundations of Canada’s report ‘Vital Signs: Arts & Belonging’, published in partnership with CAPACOA.


72% of Canadians believe that arts and culture are important to our mental well-being, with 29% stating they are very important.

Hills Strategies has published about the arts and well-being over the years. Read the 2013 report ‘The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada’, and the 2019 report ‘The Arts in Canada: Setting the Stage for Well-Being’