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Ontario Culture Days was initiated as a project of the Ontario Arts Council, and became an independent non-profit in 2015. We work in collaboration with the national Culture Days office, and provincial organizing bodies in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

To find the year-round home of Ontario Culture Days, including arts and culture stories, upcoming opportunities, and organizer info, visit us at

In Ontario, we work to support over 1,000 organizers in producing their own Culture Days festival events, as well as leading a marketing and communications campaign with a focus on regional tourism. Starting in 2018, Ontario Culture Days began producing travel itinerary tours, as well as expanding a public programming and artistic presentation series, produced in partnership with local organizers.

In 2019, Ontario Culture Days supported 1,500 registered events in 150+ communities across Ontario, with nearly one million Ontarians taking part in activities over the weekend—all made possible thanks to thousands of artists, organizers, and volunteers.

Ontario Culture Days supports the fair payment of artists for their participation in all arts and culture programming, including the Culture Days weekend. We encourage organizers to appropriately compensate the artists they hire. For questions relating to artist fees, please contact Ontario Culture Days staff or consult the CARFAC minimum fee schedule for industry standards.

We are grateful for the many contributors and partners who make Ontario Culture Days a reality.