Hubs Support Program 2021

To help engage communities, Culture Days Manitoba has secured $7,500 to provide financial support to Culture Days Hubs around the province. Funding for the inaugural “Culture Days Manitoba 2021 Hubs Support Program” has been generously provided by the Manitoba Arts Council through their Share:Present program. Hubs are collections of arts and culture events that are connected geographically or thematically where audiences can expect to find various linked activities and experiences happening over a given period during the run of Culture Days, September 24 – October 24, 2021.

Hubs must have a minimum of three registered events. The “Culture Days Manitoba 2021 Hubs Support Program” will provide hub organizers with $250 per event registered, up to a maximum of $1,500 per hub. (This means that each hub organizer would receive between $750 and $1,500.)

  • Hub with 3 events/activities: $750
  • Hub with 4 events/activities: $1,000
  • Hub with 5 events/activities: $1,250
  • Hub with 6 or more events/activities: $1,500

This financial support is meant to cover costs including artist fees, honorariums, supplies, transportation, venue fees, and other applicable expenses. Due to the limited amount of funding, this program is not intended to cover all expected expenses, but rather to provide financial support to help make programming viable.

Applications to this program will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Tuesday, August 3, and will remain open until all funds are depleted or until hub registration closes (approximately three days before the start of Culture Days on September 24). Check back here for the application link in early August.

Both in-person and online events are supported. Culture Days activities are designed to build a lasting commitment to arts and cultural engagement, and all must be free of charge or offer an optional pay-what-you-may plan (read more about that here).

To be eligible, Culture Days Hubs must be registered on the website and must be hosted in Manitoba (either in-person or online). Activities will be evaluated for their ability to provide online or safe, small in-person gatherings in their communities due to ongoing public health restrictions, and applicants must provide a contingency plan should public gathering sizes be reduced or cancelled. Applications must also include a basic budget for the events in the hub, and support can cover costs including artist fees, honorariums, supplies, transportation, and venue fees.

Funds available for 2021 have all been allocated. Thank you so much for your interest in this program. We hope to have this support available again in 2022.

Our thanks go out to the Manitoba Arts Council for supporting this inaugural program for Culture Days Manitoba.