Register for Student Programming 2020

We have been working hard to create arts workshops that are fun, engaging and rewarding for students this fall.

We are excited to share these workshops to a variety of students throughout our province and beyond.

All of these workshops are completely free, please click on the link of each logo to visit their webpage. The workshops are hosted on the platform Discourse. This platform allows teachers to interact with the mentors that created the videos. We hope to engage students beyond a video and we would love if classes will share their finished product in our secure chat forum. Once you register online (see link below) we will invite you to our secure chat forum on Discourse.


Manitoba Theatre for Young People will reach out to students with two different formats: 1) Pre-recorded Puppetry and Creative Drama lessons (with follow up chat online) for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5. 2) A live online Improv session for Grades 6-12 (up to 12 students per session)

Expressing Rights through art/Exprimer ses droits par l’art

Presented by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, in this 45-minute virtual field trip, your class will explore human rights ideas through an artistic lens. You will use a piece of paper and your thoughts and reflections to explore various artistic ways of expressing human rights. Our program interpreters will lead you through artistic journaling and the exciting views of art and human rights at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


The CMHR is offering this workshop once in the morning and once in the afternoon every Thursday in October. Please email register at or email


Au cours de cette excursion virtuelle de 45 minutes, votre classe découvrira des idées sur les droits de la personne sous un angle artistique. À l’aide d’une feuille de papier et de vos pensées et réflexions, vous explorerez des idées d’expression des droits de la personne. Nos interprètes de programmes vous guideront dans la tenue d’un journal artistique et vous feront découvrir des points de vue passionnants sur l’art et les droits de la personne au Musée canadien pour les droits de la personne.

Freeze Frame will provide students with pre-recorded tutorials on how to create a stop-motion animation project.

The workshop is designed using open source software free to all schools and requires only cell phone cameras or possibly your schools digital camera. Grds 8-12.

If students have questions or challenges they can chat with Freeze Frame mentors in our secure chat room.

Winnipeg Art Gallery Instructor Curtis Wiebe, will enagage students grds 4-6 with an exciting Drawing workshop. “Drawing Characters with Mr. Curtis.” Students will learn how to use the rules of proportion to draw a natural looking human face and body. With this information they will be encouraged to play with those rules by following them exactly or bending or breaking them to create their own, one-of-a-kind character illustration.

Drôles d’expressions - Robert Freynet

Dans cette vidéo, l’artiste Robert Freynet, crayon à la main, montre à l’élève quelques techniques de dessin simples. L’élève dessine avec l’artiste en s’amusant, tout en apprenant quelques éléments de l’art.


For more info, please contact Kurt Tittlemier @ or 204-783-4844