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Culture Days will return September 20 – October 13, 2024.

HUICHOL style “Yarn Painting” ZOOM Workshop


Craft Fibre & textile arts History & heritage Indigenous Visual arts
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Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre

Alnwick/Haldimand, ON

Directions: Easiest way to get to the parking is off of County Rd. 29, and not Covert Hill as that entrance is a private driveway. From the large outdoor gravel parking lot, there will be directions signalling you to the entrance of the Centre & Gallery through our garden fence into the premises.



Offered in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Has gender-neutral washrooms.


Let’s celebrate within the frame of Hispanic Heritage Month! Join Ixchel Suarez, textile artist from Mexico, in collaboration with the Northumberland Hispanic cultural club. We will learn about the iconography, meaning, vision of this amazing culture, originally from the rugged terrain of the sierra from central Mexico. History, Heritage, design, fine motor skills and creativity all at once. Participants will receive by mail a materials kit. Free zoom workshop, ONLY registration required. No experience required. Great for all ages (10+).

**Please register through link and make sure to insert your address to receive you Materials Kit by mail before October 11, 2020. Deadline to register and to receive the Materials Kit is October 11, 2020. The Materials Package does not include glue and any kind of white school glue can be used. After the deadline patrons will be available online for individuals to print and use with your own materials.**


Wool painting traditionally shows the wealth and ceremonies of the tribes, but modern works can depict stories from today's world. These works show paintings that express the beauty and wisdom of the Huichol culture. Nature is a common theme in wool paintings, just as the Huichol tribes rely heavily on the land for their needs. Without a written language, this is how the Huichol pass their stories of creation, floods, and the birth of their Gods. Traditional Huichol artists apply multicoloured wool to a thin layer of beeswax, to adhere the wool to a piece of wood. The beeswax is left in the sun to heat it before applying the wool. Artists use a wooden wand to "draw" their design on the wood and wax. In modern times the use of regular glue is acceptable.


Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre

OUR STORY The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre (CTTC). It was founded in 2015, as a natural extension to the Oakville Handweavers and Spinners Guild, the oldest Guild in Oakville, Ontario, founded in 1954. The CTTC explores tapestry through traditional and contemporary art forms. Texture is a property of artwork that makes you want to reach out and touch. Texture can be part of the surface or the result of the interplay of light and shadow. Texture has role in the creation of an image to the same extent as composition and colour; although it has been explored and studied to a far less degree.

OUR MISSION The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre is a non-profit educational organization. Our mission is to foster intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth, connection and wellbeing through arts and culture. Facilitating welcoming intergenerational programs where individuals can exchange creative knowledge, celebrate cultural diversity and establish lasting connections within their own community.


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