Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic with Chinese Music Production

Richmond, BC

Digital Music

Covid-19 pandemic has been with us for almost two years. It was and still is a very difficult time for everyone in the world. The videos included in this web page is a summary of how we ( Canadian YC Chinese Orchestra) survive and keep producing instrumental music in the past two years. We are lucky to have a practice hall of about 1200 sqft provided by the YC Music Academy in Richmond. 1. COVID-19 policy: Everyone coming to the practice hall must wear a mask and the maximum number of people (all included) is no more than 10 at any time. 2. Production is done by integrating either individual personal video or small group video with no more than 6 members.  One or two (max) video technicians will do the recording and the final video integration and editing. 3. Mr. Yang, our music director decided on music pieces for our orchestra and prepared all music required with some help from 2 or 3 members of the orchestra. 4. A conductor will make a master tape providing beats and other requirements for individual or group videotaping. 5. Whenever possible, taping of an individual performance should be done at home. 6. For group (max 6 members) recording, a face mask is mandatory (except for wind instrument players and they have to be further separated up to 3 m apart). 7. The web page submitted is a summary of how we fight the Covid-19 Pandemic in the past year and a half.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

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Canadian YC Chinese Orchestra Association

Created in 2003, Canada Y.C. Chinese Orchestra Association is a non-profit performance troupe made up mainly of youngsters. Over the past decade, the association has established five orchestras, including the Canada Y.C. Chinese Orchestra and four other youth orchestras. With its different establishment from other folk music organizations in the world, the group is striving to create a unique model. The group has succeeded in organizing numerous large-scale concerts for many years. They often perform in senior homes and actively participate in various community and Charity Events. Each orchestra has its own roles in performing and promoting traditional music. The orchestras are also extremely influential in the world of music and performing arts in Vancouver. We are always making unremitting efforts to promote Chinese music and trying our best to incorporate it with the multiculturalism of Canada.



Richmond, BC

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