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Encuentro Flamenco in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB

Digital recording Dance Intercultural Music Performance Singing

This is a ten minutes excerpt from the 90 minutes show presented on September 2019 at the Prairie Theatre Exchange Colin Jackson Studio. There will be a number of videos from the show rotating every week, so come back to see a different section of the show!! Four flamencos from Manitoba and from Quebec collaborated in this show called "Flamenco Soul". The show features bailaora Delphine Mantha, with Philippe Meunier, Alvaro Echanove and Maritel Centurion. It presented flamenco in its traditional format as well as a jazz-flamenco fusion performed by guest Crystal Tait White. Check out the performers and more interesting information in the links below.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Delphine, Maritel, Alvaro and Philippe 2019

Philippe Meunier

Delphine Mantha

Maritel Centurion

This event is free.

  • Delphine Mantha Delphine Mantha
  • Delphine Mantha
& Maritel Centurion Delphine Mantha & Maritel Centurion

Organized by

Colors of Flamenco - Dance Intersections- Winnipeg, MB

Independent Flamenco Shows, Guest teachers Workshops as well as regular classes in Winnipeg.



Winnipeg, MB

The videos will be rotating from week to week until the end of Culture Days, so you can return to taste more Flamenco dance, music, jazz fusion from our 2019 show at Collin Jackson PTE, Winnipeg, MB.

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Maritel Centurion