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Culture Days will return September 20 – October 13, 2024.

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  • Final Threads

Final Threads: Timeless and Sustainable


Design Fibre & textile arts Sculpture & installation
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Date and time


Glengarry Building - The Exchange District

290 McDermot Avenue - 5th Floor

Winnipeg, MB

Directions: Take the elevator or stairs to the 5th floor. You will see the sign that says Lennard Taylor.



Offered in English.

Wheelchair accessible, has gender-neutral washrooms, and is a relaxed performance.

This event is for all ages


Step into a world of creativity and innovation at our mesmerizing Nuit Blanche event: "Final Threads." Join us for an enchanting evening that redefines the boundaries of fashion and self-expression, where mannequins get their day on the runway and textiles transform into works of art.

As the sun sets and the city comes alive with vibrant energy, our studio doors swing open to welcome you to an experience like no other. The heart of the event lies in the seamless fusion of fashion and artistry, where the traditional runway takes on a new dimension with dynamic mannequins showcasing the latest trends in clothing and design.

Throughout the day, at 1pm, 3pm, 7pm, and 9pm, immerse yourself in the world of fashion craftsmanship with our engaging and interactive workshops. Discover the magic of transforming garments through painting and patching at our thoughtfully designed clothing stations. Step into the shoes of a designer as you explore the nuances of colors, patterns, and textures, breathing new life into your wardrobe. Unearth the secrets of hand needle craft and learn how to mend and revamp your favorite pieces, adding a touch of your unique personality to every thread.

As you indulge your creative instincts, be sure to explore our captivating fashion installation adorned with draped fabrics that weave a tale of elegance and whimsy. Marvel at the convergence of art and clothing, where fabrics cascade like dreams, evoking emotions and stories with every fold.

This Nuit Blanche is not just an event; it's an exciting exploration into the heart of what clothing can do for you. It's a call to all fashion enthusiasts, art aficionados, and those with a curiosity for creativity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join us and discover textiles in a whole new light, gaining insights into the construction of garments and arming yourself with the tools to mend, create, and make fashion uniquely your own.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mark your calendar for our painting and patching clothing workshops at 1pm, 3pm, 7pm, and 9pm. Whether you're an aspiring designer, a DIY enthusiast, or simply a lover of all things beautiful, "Final Threads" promises to leave you inspired, enlightened, and utterly captivated.



Lennard Taylor Design Studio

We believe fashion should last more than just a season. Universally flattering fashion that is easy to wear. Lennard turns textile waste into sculpture and art - taking things that were bound for the landfill and making them thoughtful pieces of culture. All of our clothing is made in-house in Winnipeg, Canada — in an ethical and affirming work environment. We use exceptional quality fabrics and techniques for pieces that truly last, use every last scrap, repair and reuse.

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