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Hence, I Declare, I am an Artist, is a digital exhibition that showcases creative works by young Indian and South Asian creatives across the globe. The exhibition is a unique celebration of Indian and South Asian culture, part of the South Asian Creativity Festival 2021, it aims to make highlight a digital landscape that subverts in-person niche and often inaccessible gallery exhibitions. Young creatives displayed in this exhibition will curate their work on the Young Creative Indian Space's website and Instagram. 13 of these creatives' works will be highlighted throughout the month of September and October in congruence to ON Culture Days programming. Please Note, this Exhibition will start run throughout three weeks of October until the 24th. Starting Oct 3, every Monday, Wed & Friday for 3-weeks, you can visit the link provided, and see the new exhibit: Artist's Work and Them Explaining their Art in a Short Video. All the works presented in the digital exhibition will be made available for sale in limited edition in terms of prints and other ways its creator wants to make them available! Hence, I Declare, I am an Artist, is one of many Young Creative Indian Space's events under its flagship South Asian Creativity Festival to celebrate South Asian culture and creativity across the globe!

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

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This event is free.

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The Young Creative Indian Space

The Young Creative Indian Space is a digital media organization, online educational hub, creative incubator, and community-oriented collective with an aim of creating the world’s largest Indian youth-centric platform. Young Indians, both professional and amateur are given a unique platform to connect with fellow practitioners across the globe to incubate ideas, create free-for-all as well as short-term recognized courses and above all take part in a creative cultural revolution.

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Brampton Library

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Brampton Library has eight locations. Due to COVID 19 health restrictions, we are unable to host the activities at our branches. However, we invite you to join us at our virtual platform to enjoy Culture Days online presentations from our talented community.




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