Saskatoon Folkfest Culture Connect Saturday Show

Saskatoon, SK

Digital Culinary & food Dance History & heritage Intercultural Performance

Recording of Saskatoon Folkfest's Culture Connect show from August 21th, 2021. Gather your bubble in the backyard and tune into Folkfest 2021 for two virtual evenings filled with cultural dance, music, song, and FOOD! From the lake, backyard, or in your home, digitally experience a diverse array of cultural performances. Of course, as Folkfest is synonymous with food, there will be even more cooking demonstrations this year! While virtual, we are recreating the festival atmosphere that we all miss experiencing. There will be exciting new activities for Folkfesters to enjoy throughout the summer.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Saskatoon Folkfest

This event is free.

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Saskatoon Folkfest

Saskatoon Folkfest is committed to producing an annual festival for the purpose of educating the public about the different cultures within our society in order to appreciate one’s heritage and preserve valued aspects of culture. In addition, Folkfest provides scholarships to deserving students for the purpose of fulfilling their educational goals.



Saskatoon, SK

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Terrese Strohan