The Sheep River: The Land and the People

Okotoks, AB

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History & heritage

The Sheep River has always been a crucial ecological landmark, not just for the residents of Okotoks, but for the Indigenous people that have lived on this land for thousands of years. Follow along as we take you on a tour along the banks of the Sheep River and learn about its ecology and history. We will see how people have relied on the river for thousands of years, and how it has shaped the lives of the citizens of Okotoks. The tour starts at Southridge Drive, where we introduce the history of the Sheep River, and the importance of this river crossing to the Plains First Nations. From there, we travel along the Sheep River pathway, moving from the history of Indigenous land use to the changes brought about by the signing of Treaty 7 and the settling of Okotoks. Walking alongside the river, we'll see how the citizens of Okotoks relied on the river for work and recreation. Stops focus on the river's role in industry such as the sawmill; recreation such as swimming, and skating; and as a food source fishing and wild fruit. We conclude the tour the way it began, focusing on the Indigenous connection to the land. The last stop tells the story of the cottonwoods that line the banks of the Sheep River and their role as burial trees for the Blackfoot.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.


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On This Spot

The On This Spot app takes people on guided walking tours through the history that surrounds them. At each stop on their journey users will find themselves standing on the spot a historic photo was taken. They can view a then and now photo comparison, use the built in camera to create their own, and read about local history and how it ties into the broader human experience. Based in Vancouver, On This Spot is working with heritage, tourism, and business organizations across Canada to expand the app's coverage.


Okotoks, AB

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Andrew Farris