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Leeds & Grenville Rural Landscapes Self-Guided Tour


70 Abbott St.

Brockville, ON

Self guided Architecture History & heritage Photography Tour

Beginning life as The Barns Project this documentation and photography of cultural, historical and architectural assets of villages and the rural countryside of Leeds & Grenville County, ON was a project of love for Gordon Beck its driving force. The original subject was pre-1900 heritage barns. Gordon liked to point out you could get a government grant for a heritage house, but not a barn, which were iconic parts of rural landscapes. Documenting barns, of necessity, meant talking to the people who owned them, learning their present day life, loves and challenges and often an amazing treasure trove of history of their families and the barns, which we all came to know as "Cathedrals of the Country". So Gordon's focus changed and he brought other photographers and writers into his crusade to record these rapidly disappearing Canadian icons and the society of the rural landscapes. Along the way there were unforgettable people, amazing stories, first hand accounts of Canadian history, all sorts of beasties, a ghost or two and Gordon's stunning photography. Gordon was one of the most accomplished photographers of his generation and much beloved mentor to many younger photographers he met along the way. Over the three years of Leed & Grenville Rural Landscapes run (2016 until Gordon's passing in April 2019) he became a friend to many in the countryside and it wasn't uncommon to pull up to a farm and be met with, "I know you. I wondered when you'd drop in". Use the Facebook page as a guide to photographic opportunities. Each post represents a location or trail traveled, with some background. Please remember most of these locations are private property so remain on the public thoroughfares, paths or highways. Enjoy!

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Leeds & Grenville Rural Landscapes

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Russ Disotell



70 Abbott St.

Brockville, ON

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Russ Disotell