Life in Okotoks: Growing up in an Alberta town

Okotoks, AB

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History & heritage

It has been almost 140 years since Europeans first settled in the area around Okotoks. Those first hardy pioneers started by building their own homes and businesses from the ground up. They endured challenges we can scarcely imagine living through today, and went without comforts that we can scarcely imagine living without. As more settlers came and the community coalesced into a town, the modern Okotoks we know today began to take shape. What life was like for people in those days, roughly 1882 to the 1950s, is what this tour covers. We'll look at how they worshipped, how they learned, and how they thought the world ought to work. We'll also consider the challenges they faced, harsh winters, depression and recession, and two world wars, and see how the people of Okotoks rose to the occasion each time. This tour is a short route through the residential streets of historic Okotoks, showcasing many of the beautiful heritage homes that have been preserved here. The tour starts in front of the Okotoks Museum and proceeds up Alberta Ave, and then turns onto McRae Street where you'll walk past the Old Towne Plaza. Next you'll take Clark Ave up to Elma Street, where many important heritage homes can be found on a pleasant tree-lined boulevard. Finally we'll come back down on to Elizabeth Street, and conclude near the Elks Hall.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.


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On This Spot

The On This Spot app takes people on guided walking tours through the history that surrounds them. At each stop on their journey users will find themselves standing on the spot a historic photo was taken. They can view a then and now photo comparison, use the built in camera to create their own, and read about local history and how it ties into the broader human experience. Based in Vancouver, On This Spot is working with heritage, tourism, and business organizations across Canada to expand the app's coverage.


Okotoks, AB

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