This Picture IS a 1000 (plus) Words

City Centre Park, Yorkton, SK


Yorkton, SK

Self guided Interdisciplinary Painting Storytelling Visual arts

When Covid hit our area of the world, it affected everyone in our community. Many people, however, rose to the occasion. It wasn’t easy, but neighbours reached out to help neighbors, groceries were purchased for those who couldn’t get out of their house, businesses built each other up even when they were closed. The members of the community of Yorkton supported one another and continue to do so. Creativity flowed, Community gathered. We weren’t able to reach out and touch one another but we still reached out whether through hearts and words in our windows, phone calls, social media or window visits. It’s said a picture is worth 1000 words. Please join in this 1000+ word picture that will show the make-up of our community. Do you have some words of encouragement? Write them here. Do you have a story to tell of what you did to help a neighbour during this time? Write it here. Do you have a story of encouragement? Write it here. Do you have someone to thank? Write it here. Do you have a positive word to share with your community? Write it here. This is for all ages, in all stages. We are community, and together, we create a beautiful picture even, and especially, through unexpected intersections. How will it be done? Just as small dots of colour in a pixel come together to create a beautiful whole, so our words will come together to create our community story in picture. Please use the colour already lightly painted to guide you as to which marker to use which will enhance that area of the picture. You are an important part of this story. Thank you for taking your time to share your part of the picture. Please use the Lysol wipes to clean the markers before and after you use them and respect physical distancing. Note: Please do not use this as a place of personal vendetta or hate speech. This is a place of encouragement and building up of our community.

Sun 04 Oct
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Sun 25 Oct
→ 1:00 PM

This event is free.

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Bara' Academy of the Arts

Twila Napoleoni is the face behind Bara' Academy of the Arts. Twila is an Art Educator with experiences in art, teaching and travel in Latin America and around the world. She grew up in Yokton and after two decades away, moved back to once again experience the closeness of family and community. Twila delights in getting out into the community to brighten lives through the visual arts, feeding the innate ability all humans have to create.

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Yorkton, SK

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This event is wheelchair accessible.