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Connecting Communities @ Beyond Boundaries


LGBTQIA2S Music Painting Performance Visual arts
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Date and time


Beyond Boundaries Academy

202-329 Cumberland Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

Directions: Second floor.


Free, and accepts optional pay-what-you-may donations for admission.

Offered in English.

Has gender-neutral washrooms.


Immerse yourself in a night of Creativity as Beyond Boundaries hosts three diverse artists for Nuit Blanche! Each Studio will offer a unique interactive art installation that will make you feel connected through light and love! Details below

Studio Noir:

Raise your eyes into the dark and mysterious sky as you gaze towards a floating lamp shade installation that will calm your mind and allow your body to connect with your surroundings. Created by Elizabeth Webster from Beyond Boundaries

Studio Blanche:

Pink Panda unfolds a mesmerizing live painting spectacle, as a canvas transforms under the spellbinding glow of UV lights. But this is more than a display of artistic prowess; it's an open invitation for collective creation. Attendees are beckoned to contribute, their strokes merging to birth a radiant collaboration piece that pulsates with the energy of the moment, fostering connections and celebrating unity in a glowing testimony to the harmonious tapestry that we craft when we unite in creativity and spirit.

Studio Pavilion: 18+

Join Knotyourpeach, ITheWitchfinder, and other guests for a night of open discussion and questions around rope suspension, while also enjoying a rope installation, rope demos, performances, and the music at the venue.



Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is a one stop shop production studio and multi-purpose rental space that inspires and assists in excelling the personal and professional growth within creators, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

We are dedicated to offering creative programs, services, and studios that are inclusive, empowering, and supportive to our local Winnipeg community.

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