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Virtual celebrations at Brampton Library!

Brampton, ON

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Deaf & Disability arts

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Youth & teens

This activity will include Timothy Spokes reading his children's book as well as running a workshop. Both are dedicated to helping individuals find their purpose! From this workshop, the audience will be invited to self-analyze themselves to find the various things they are passionate about. This event will take place virtually.

Sun 26 Sep
2:00 PM →
Sun 24 Oct
→ 2:00 PM




Event (Sept 26)

This event is free.

Organized by

Timothy Spokes

Timothy Spokes is a 22-year-old motivational speaker from Brampton, Ontario who is looking to create change in the world he lives in. Timothy Spokes is currently studying Psychology at York University and is looking to become a teacher in the next upcoming years. He has a passion for helping the youth and wants to see them become as successful as possible because he believes that everyone is valuable. Timothy Spokes is an author, musician, and content creator. He has over 35 thousand followers and uses his platforms to help motivate the masses.

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Brampton Library is thrilled to host its Culture Days Hub again in 2021. As longtime supporters of this wonderful initiative, we believe strongly in our role in building the creative economy, locally, provincially, and nationally. Our eig...


Brampton Library

Brampton, ON

Brampton Library has eight locations. Due to COVID 19 health restrictions, we are unable to host the activities at our branches. However, we invite you to join us at our virtual platform to enjoy Culture Days online presentations from our talented community.

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Timothy Spokes





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