KC Chap Books

Rotary Wheel

241 Dadson Row

Flin Flon, MB


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Chap Books are small paper booklets, made by folding a single sheet multiple times, producing multiple pages and forming a book! Kids will learn more on how to create home made chap books at the Rotary Wheel during Kidz Culture on Saturday, September 28.

This event is free.

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Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Organized by

Janice Imrie

The Flin Flon Arts Council is an organization with a mandate to support art in northern Manitoba and Northern Manitoban artists and art initiatives. Because of the Flin Flon Arts Council (FFAC), Flin Flon has proven to be a driving cultural force in northern Manitoba. The Arts Council has been a proud supporter of Culture Days since the beginning. In 2018, Culture Days Flin Flon ranked #2 in the country with over 140 events. We support multiple arts organizations throughout the year and promote arts and culture in all aspects of our communities.


241 Dadson Row

Flin Flon, MB

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Crystal Kolt





This event is wheelchair accessible.