Creative Memory Mapping Workshop

Richmond, BC

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*Registration is now full for the workshop* Join interdisciplinary artist Keely O'Brien for a fun and unique online art workshop. Learn how to use drawing, collage, and mixed media art processes to make your own beautiful memory map of a place that holds personal meaning for you. The places and landscapes we leave behind can have deep personal significance for each of us. Creative Memory Mapping is a welcoming and soothing project that invites you to reflect on a place you miss, either in the context of the current moment (for example, a place you can't visit due to pandemic safety measures), or in the broader context of your life (for example, a childhood home), and create a meaningful keepsake that connects you to that place. Rather than focusing on representational or realistic illustration, we will use found imagery, symbols, and intuitive drawing in this relaxed, process-oriented workshop. Register for the free online workshop in advance by RSVPing to This activity will be held via Zoom. You will require a computer, smart phone or tablet and access to internet.

Thu 01 Oct
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

This event is free.

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Richmond, BC

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