Indigenous Culture Through a Colorful Lens

York, ON

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Nature & outdoors


Visual arts

Indigenous Culture Through a Colorful Lens is 4 short video series. Despite the numerous negative representations and news regarding Indigenous communities that appear to be taking the lead in the depiction of Indigenous people and culture, we decided to produce four short videos to illustrate the less portrayed truth which is the beauty of the Indigenous culture and community through the arts. Behind the shared narratives of trauma and negative experiences stemming from Indian Residential Schools are many beautiful, intriguing, and exciting traditional practices that represent the culture and way of life of Indigenous people, which goes beyond the negative representations depicted throughout news media. An underrepresentation of these aspects of the Indigenous community has in a lot of ways contributed to the abuse, stereotyping and racism endured by Indigenous people. To confront these poor treatments experienced by the community, we have chosen to step aside from the regular act of directly pointing out these issues, and rather provide solutions that would hopefully lead to positive change towards reconciliation. We chose to take a step forward to educating non-indigenous people and promoting Indigenous culture through arts as a way of providing a vibrant, diverse, and new perspective into Indigenous Culture.

Fri 08 Oct
9:00 AM →
Sun 24 Oct
→ 8:00 PM

This event is free.

Organized by

York University Student Capstone Project

Joni is an Indigenous York University student who is finding ways to reach out to Non Indigenous people who may be interested in learning more about Indigenous Culture away from the regular hype that the mainstream media portrays. The project is partnered with an Non Indigenous student who brings her curious questions about Indigenous people which helps light up their project.



York, ON

This event is only available via YouTube Channel. I have marked this area along the Humber because its a spot in Toronto where people can access, learn and participant in various community events that are hosted by the Indigenous people of Toronto.

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Joni Shawana