Indigenous Culture Through a Colorful Lens

York, ON

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Indigenous Culture through a Colorful Lens: Through 4 short video series, we want our viewers to reimagine Indigenous Culture by educating and promoting culture by experiencing and respecting its beauty, its color, and its vibrancy through its various form of traditional art and song. Our project is not to focus on any triumphs and hardships of Indigenous People or not to say these issues and experiences are less important, It is created to explore and learn about Indigenous Culture through a colorful lens, the arts. It is intended to educate, promote, and showcase the beauty of Indigenous Culture through heartbeat of the mother earth and beautiful traditional craftsmanship. We want people to gain an understanding that, although we come from many different nations, as a people, there is one mutual and respectful understanding amongst Indigenous peoples throughout Turtle Island is their strong connection to land and waters. This powerful work will be done through sharing an understanding of the Medicine Wheel in terms of being One People, Many Nations. As more people are embracing history and finding ways to move forward, some things to consider when getting to know your area is by acknowledging histories, nations, treaties, and languages used. We will explore teachings of the drum and learn a song. We will talk about how different aspects of Indigenous culture is disseminated through cultural sector by exploring the traditional harvesting of birch bark, sweetgrass and porcupine. We will visit an Anishnawbe artisan to learn her techniques of traditional quill crafting. Lastly, we want to reflect on creative, inclusive, and engaging strategies to educate non-Indigenous people about the true beauty of Indigenous Culture as a way of growth and positive change to the start of a learning and healing journey to truth and reconciliation.  

Sat 02 Oct
4:00 PM – 4:20 PM 4:30 PM – 4:50 PM 5:00 PM – 5:20 PM 5:30 PM – 5:50 PM

This event is free.

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York University Student Capstone Project

An Indigenous York University student is finding ways to reach out to Non Indigenous people who may be interested in learning more about Indigenous Culture away from the regular hype that the mainstream media portrays. This project is being supported by an Non Indigenous student who brings her curious questions about Indigenous people which helps light up their project.



York, ON

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Joni Shawana