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Moon Rabbit Jumping Over City Of Richmond

Richmond, BC

Self guided Design Drawing Intercultural Painting Visual arts

October 1st Thursday is Mid-Autumn Festival. People in East Asia have long seen the Moon Rabbit as a symbol for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This interactive art project creates a great opportunity for us to express our care about our community during COVID-19. Please feel free to copy the pattern of the rabbit and the Chinese character (Mid-Autumn) from the images. You can do the artwork on your own at your own places and are encouraged to stick your creative work together with your thoughtful messages to the window as a way to celebrate the festival and brighten up our City. I look forward to seeing numerous moons along with heartfelt words throughout the City of Richmond. We care about our community because #RichmondHasHeart

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

A rabbit on the moon to protect our frontline workers

This event is free.

  • Rabbit hops on the moon

Artist: Ming Yeung

Year of work: 2020 Rabbit hops on the moon Artist: Ming Yeung Year of work: 2020
  • Stencil

Artist: Ming Yeung Stencil Artist: Ming Yeung
  • Moon rabbit creation Moon rabbit creation

Organized by

Ming Yeung

Ming is an adventurous artist and a community builder. Her devotion to inspiring the public and future generations to come is showcased through her involvement in the arts community. She has a variety practices in her creative toolkit. She has been bringing her passion for both visual art and creative arts and crafts to the local community centers and venues since 2002. She always make her effort to share her best knowledge from her innovative field of art ideas with our community.

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Richmond Village Artists Richmond, BC

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Richmond, BC

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Ming Yeung