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Winnipeg, MB

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As part of Culture Days 2020, Ogniwo Polish Museum presents RE-THREAD: an online exhibit that celebrates the old Polish handicraft of embroidery—with a modern twist. In recent years, embroidery has enjoyed a revival, and embroidery artists have been pushing this art form into new realms by applying modern themes, imagery, and methods to a traditional art form. Mirroring the art of embroidery itself, a staple of Polish handicraft and folk artistry, contemporary artists are weaving new threads into existing ones, re-imagining, re-hashing, and keeping the tradition alive—while showing that folk art is anything but static. RE-THREAD online exhibit opens on Sept. 25, 2020, at

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Online Exhibition at the Ogniwo Polish Museum

This event is free.

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Ogniwo Polish Museum

Ogniwo (oh-GNEE-voh), a Polish word meaning “links” is symbolic to our past. The museum fills a unique role, as it seeks to preserve not only our experiences in Canada, but also our love of art, culture, and heritage that resonate in the Polish traditions we value. The museum’s mission is to develop an awareness and understanding of the Polish experience in Canada through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and special events. We strive to present our recent and distant past in an interactive way that bridges time and generations, while exploring common themes that are important today. We collect and preserve artefacts, and research and showcase elements of Polish history, traditions, and folklore as they influence our Canadian environment. Our organization is driven to preserve the links to our history. We also work to establish links with the present—with you. The Ogniwo Museum helps to preserve memories and allows us to exchange information and dialogue in today’s language with today’s understanding. We learn from our past so that we can make a better future together. We strive to do so with your assistance and involvement. The museum is a non-profit charitable organization run completely through the efforts, energy, and devotion of volunteers.


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Winnipeg, MB

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Krystyna Szypowska