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The Free Flow Dance Theatre Company collaborated with Saskatoon based musician and composer Cassandra Stinn and Photographer Ken Greenhorn to produce their feature work of 2019 Moments of Tangency. The work features dance performance by dance artists Kyle Syverson, Rachel Saufert, Mitchell Larsen, Veronique Emmett, Alex Hartshorn and Sarah Rutley. Moments of Tangency is a multidisciplinary choreographic exploration of personal development set in a landscape imbued with movement and imagery inspired by the four elements, water, earth, air and fire. Thank you to Cassandra Stinn for creating such a gorgeous and haunting composition for us to move to and to Ken Greenhorn for capturing the essences of the dancers in his images. Appreciation to everyone involved in the process.

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Free Flow Dance Theatre

Founded in 1995 Free Flow Dance Theatre is a charitable not for profit, leading edge Canadian Dance Company known for its innovative and risk-taking theatrical contemporary choreography. 2020 is the company’s 25th anniversary. The driving philosophy behind the company's projects is that dance is enjoyable and should be made accessible to people of all ages and interests. Free Flow strives to cultivate and grow a strong, healthy, creative and vibrant professional contemporary dance community in Saskatchewan and Canada. They provide guidance and mentoring for emerging and professional performers, professional training and performance opportunities for dancers of all backgrounds and genders and work to build a supportive and educated audience base in the province through their programming. Free Flow Dance Theatre strives to attain the highest level of performance while embracing new and innovative creative concepts in the dance and theatre worlds.


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