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In the Studio with Deirdre Hofer and the Lake Country Art Gallery

The Lake Country Art Gallery

Lake Country, BC

Digital recording Design Digital & new media Painting Photography Visual arts

Revisit the Man OverBoard exhibition from October 2017 and check-in with Vancouver artist, Deirdre Hofer. View behind the scenes of her art studio and the art she is currently working on.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

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This event is free.

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The Lake Country Art Gallery

The Lake Country Art Gallery recognizes the important role a public art gallery has in society. Founded in 2010, the LC Art Gallery informs and builds community through enriching and sometimes challenging exhibitions, bringing together a wide variety of artists in diverse artistic practices. The LC Art Gallery supports a full range of public programming, looking at community needs as well as considering those beyond our borders, making it accessible and engaging to all. Whether student, amateur, part time, emerging or professional the LC Art Gallery gives space to all. The LC Art Gallery works to have a strong voice with an important role to play in the arts community throughout the Okanagan Valley.


Lake Country, BC

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Petrina McNeill