Downtown Brockville's Harmony Bus

Brockville, ON

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In 2019 Brockville was one of the select city's to host an art installation known as the Consensus Bus. It rained like the dickens and attendance was sparse, so in our first in-person festival since then we are going to revisit this initiative. Alex Snukal’s Consensus Bus will be co-presented with partners in Newmarket, Brockville, and Bancroft. The work consists of rented buses which will take anyone wherever they wish to go - for free - provided that all of the other passengers are in agreement. Unlike many socially-engaged works, which quickly devolve into just another social gathering, the subject at the heart of Consensus Bus is consistently foregrounded. I first presented this work nine years ago, in Sackville, for the OK Quoi Festival. I learned more about the complicated nature of ‘consensus’ in the five days on that bus than in all my previous years of attempted compromise. The project is not merely representative of consensus, it’s a functioning practical model. Snukal, though, was never fully happy with this first iteration, and has decided to further strengthen the notion of consensus by removing himself entirely from the proceedings this time around. The passengers will make their cases, and negotiate with each other on entirely self-guided tours.

Sat 24 Sep
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This event is free.

Organized by

Downtown Brockville BIA

Downtown Brockville BIA is an advocacy group for the downtown district with a role in promoting and marketing the central core of the city.


Brockville, ON

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Russ Disotell




This event is wheelchair accessible.