@BramptonLibrary: Ripple Foundation's 2021 contest winner reads winning poetry

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Words mean something different to everyone. In Sumal Ashfaq’s The Wonder of Words, readers are thrusted into a world of heartfelt literature and the small scenes we sometimes take for granted. The Wonder of Words captures the feelings of nature and the sky beyond our view, all with the help of words. Sumal Ashfaq is an eighth grader located in Southern Ontario. She’s an aspiring writer and poet who loves exploring the vast world of storytelling. Sumal loves experimenting with different styles of literature and basking in the world of poetry. She also loves to capture her environment through drawings and paintings, filling out her many sketchbooks. When she’s not exercising her creative muscles, Sumal can be found fangirling over a new book or excessively saving recipes to her Pinterest boards. As for her taste in books, she will literally read anything from the classics to fantasy although currently, she’s reading many historical fictions. Sumal draws her inspiration from many authors such as Marissa Meyer, Alan Gratz, Abbie Emmons, and Kimberley Bradeley. She is forever grateful for the constant support from her family, friends, teachers, and twin sister. Here, Sumal reads some of her favourite poems from her winning poetry collection, The Wonder of Words.

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Ripple Foundation is a charitable organization based in Toronto that aims to empower the next generation of leaders by fostering creativity and cultivating a passion for reading and writing in youth across Canada. By advocating for creativity in children and their education through its specially developed literacy programs, Ripple Foundation is teaching Canadian youth the benefits of creativity in their current and future lives, helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Visit ripplefoundation.ca to learn more about the programs on offer.

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