Babel-o-drome NUGEN 2

Toronto, ON

Digital recording Comedy Intercultural Interdisciplinary Performance Theatre

In a world where social, political and commercial networks are invading the virtual space, our physical space and are stepping into our mental space, what is fiction and what is our own reality? This multilingual, multimedia show tackles the question with poetry and humour. Join us for this unique theatrical and musical event.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.


This event is free.

Organized by

Collectif Bus 1.2.3.

The collective BUS 1.2.3. is a multigenerational, multi-lingual and multimedia artist collective, formed in Montreal in 1991 to create the multidisciplinary piece BUS 123. The piece was presented a year later as part of the fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists in Toronto, Canada. Twenty years later, many of the original performers joined forces once again to delve back into the original ideas and create a new piece working from new collaborative improvisations, addressing the incredible technological and societal changes due to the Internet. The result of that research was Babelle et Barbarie (B+B), a full multimedia theatrical piece presented at the Winchester St. Theatre in Toronto in the fall of 2015. From the summer of 2018 to the summer of 2019, the group presented the third phase of its project, Babel-o-drome — an interactive, ambulatory and participatory performance — in Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton. Most recently, due to COVID-19, the collective had to find a new way to showcase their performance by using Zoom as a recording media to create two plays entitled “NUGEN 1 & 2”. It is this version that the collective is happy to show you for Culture Days.



Toronto, ON

Event Contact

Dominique Banoun


Russian, Persian, English, French