Rebel with a Cause: Exploring the Maker movement

CBC Plaza

700 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, BC



Science & technology

Visual arts

Youth & teens

Do you want to explore the maker movement? If so, this activity will allow you to let go of your inhibitions and to let your creativity flow! This family friendly event will give you the opportunity to design rebellious inventions or to make your own creations! Participants will have the chance to use materials from a Maker Space such as wood sticks, electric wires , glitter and more to make this magic happen! You are worried that you won’t have inspiration that day? Don’t worry! Task cards in both English and French will be available to give you ideas! During this workshop, participants will be able to explore the connections between the arts and science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the end of the activity, the attendees will get the chance to be part of a collective artwork inspired by the organizer’s project Rebel with a Cause.

This event is free.

Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Organized by

Oli Salvas

Originally from Montreal, Oli is an artist and educator who uses abstract painting, photography and various media to deliver his stance on social causes and to foster conversations about identity and on arts education. Oli is the artistic director of La Maison Create|IV, where he publishes his visual work, artistic magazines and education articles as well as the work of other local artists. Oli is happy to use the OutlookTV platform to showcase the LTBTQ2s+ artists and activists across Canada, reporting stories mainly from Vancouver and Montreal. You can catch OutlookTV on OutTV and OutTvGo.

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700 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, BC

Event Contact

Oli Salvas


English, French


This event is wheelchair accessible, and has gender-neutral washrooms.