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Red Barn Sunday Fun Day: Explorations in Papermaking

Terra Nova Red Barn

2631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V7C 1A1

Richmond, BC

In person Adult Agriculture Craft Nature & outdoors

Catherine Shapiro and Jenn Pearson will use plants from our Red Barn Garden and show us how to create paper from scratch with the addition of marigold petals and other plants. Victory Gardens for Diversity: recipes for community-based ecological engagement is an artist residency project at Terra Nova Rural Park. Our team includes lead artist, Lori Weidenhammer, Lois Klassen, Crystal Lee, Jenn Pearson, Catherine Shapiro, and Lori Snyder. Red Barn Sunday Fun Days will feature members of the Victory Gardens for Diversity Team who will lead demonstrations out of the Terra Nova Red Barn. The audience will be seated outside and must register ahead of time due to social distancing protocols. We will limit demonstration events to 10 participants and will document the workshops on our blog. ***Participants will be required to wear a mask and comply with the COVID-19 safety plan for the duration of the event.*** To register, visit:

Sun 27 Sep
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Victory Gardens for Diversity

This event is free.

Organized by

City of Richmond Public Art Program

The City of Richmond is a leader in creating opportunities for public art and is committed to building the cultural health and well being of the community now and in the future. Public art animates the built and natural environment with meaning, contributing to a vibrant city in which to live and visit. By placing artwork in our everyday environment, the Public Art Program sparks community participation in the building of our public spaces, offers public access to ideas generated by contemporary art, celebrates community history, identity, achievements and aspirations, encourages citizens to take pride in community cultural expression and creates a forum to address relevant themes and issues of interest and concern to Richmond's citizens.


2631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V7C 1A1

Richmond, BC

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Richmond Public Art




This event is wheelchair accessible, and has gender-neutral washrooms.