Crossing Beams: An Intersection of Disciplines

Museum of Antiquities

Saskatoon, SK

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Join us in the exploration of synchrotron science at the Canadian Light Source, and discover its benefits in the study of ancient artifacts. In these videos you will be introduced to students, scientists, and professors who have conducted experiments on artifacts from the Museum’s collection in an effort to gain more information that cannot be obtained by traditional methods of study.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

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Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Antiquities is a small but mighty collection of both replica and original artefacts of ancient and medieval Europe and the Near East. Since its founding in 1974, the Museum has benefitted students in various art, art history, archaeology, and history programs at the University of Saskatchewan and has continued to thrive largely in thanks to the team of our dedicated Director and the many student staff and volunteers who work on various research, database, exhibit, and educational programs. Although the Museum is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the collection and educational material can still be accessed online. In the meantime, the Director and student staff continue to work behind-the-scenes developing online materials that can be used by educators and casual historians alike to deepen their understanding of ancient and medieval art and culture. In a typical school year, the Museum offers gallery tours, monthly Crafternoons for kids, adult programming, and workshops on topics including Roman coins, Near Eastern pottery, cuneiform, and 3D printing and its uses in a museum setting. We are looking forward to the upcoming year to see how we can further adapt our usual programming to a virtual format while still maintaining a high calibre of education and enjoyment!


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Tracene Harvey