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Exploring Cultures - Battleford Central School

Battleford Central School

252 23 Street W

Battleford, SK

In-person Craft Games Indigenous Kids

Culture presentations to children in grades one to four. Cultural leaders will present their culture to children through crafts, readings, music, games and traditional stories. Emphasis is on First Nations culture and various New Canadian cultures. Children will take home crafts they make. Afterwards children will have the opportunity to write a story and draw pictures about the presentation and submit them to The Reading Place for posting on Facebook.

Tue 19 Oct
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Thu 21 Oct
2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

This event is free.

  • Tipi pole reading for removing bark Tipi pole reading for removing bark
  • Tree selected for a tipi pole Tree selected for a tipi pole
  • Tipi poles drying Tipi poles drying

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The Reading Place is all about helping children in grades one to four read better for the purpose of advancing their education with an eye on graduating from grade twelve. Part of this process is learning about the world around them and this includes all the cultures they are exposed to every day. Our location is full of amazing themed rooms with three of the rooms culture based. Children will love to read in the rooms because the rooms are so amazing and our book collection is also amazing. Presentations to groups also happen in the culture themed rooms. For Culture Days we are going to take the culture presentations to the children in their schools and at the Battlefords Boys and Girls Club in a small group environment so the children can better interact with presenters. Presenters will be leaders of their applicable culture. Children will have the opportunity to create culture based items they get to take home with them. The whole focus will be fun and excited learning that doesn't feel like learning.


252 23 Street W

Battleford, SK

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cheryl carley




This event is wheelchair accessible.