Acknowledging Indigenous Plant Nations w/ Lori Snyder


Richmond, BC

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Learn and discover wild, native and medicinal plants that support us physically, emotionally and spiritually as we explore and experience our living world outside. Lori Snyder will introduce you to ‘Indigenous ways of knowing’ and these teachings will help to anchor important ways of being to help move us into an understanding and awareness of restored balance. Through stories and engaging our senses, Lori will weave a journey back to our true Nature. Lori Snyder is a descendant from the Powhatan, Dakota, T’suu tina, Nakota, Cree, Nipissing, Dene and Anishinaabe peoples, mixed with French and Celtic ancestry. She was born and raised on the lands of the Squamish people, overlooking the Salish Sea on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Turtle Island—near Vancouver, Canada. Through Indigenous ways of knowing and pedagogies, Lori leads people of diverse backgrounds in reconnecting to the Earth’s wisdom. Teaching at elementary and secondary schools, she recently facilitated a pilot project with Farm2School BC. Helping to incorporate Indigenous teachings into the curriculum, Lori supported the development of nine Indigenous foodscapes.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

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