Hajj: The Journey Through Art الحج :الفن في رحاب الرحلة

VPL Vancouver Public Library

350 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC

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Featuring selected works from ‘Hajj & the Arts of Pilgrimage’ Art of Islam: Heavenly art, Earthly beauty. Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca. Muslims must undertake this journey. An intensely personal experience as well as a collective act which commemorates the trials of Abraham-father of the 3 monotheism faiths. To perform Hajj pilgrims travel in convoys to follow a sequence of rituals, each of which has particular symbolic meaning & resonance. Visitors to the exhibition can enjoy & read a wide range of literature from many eras in many genres to build an understanding of the many dimensions (e.g; artistic, philosophical, socioethical, aesthetic) of Muslim experience. Academics can conduct research, gather, evaluate & synthacose data from a variety of sources (art objects, artifacts, prints, posters, texts, curators, pilgrims) to communicate their discoveries in ways that suit their academic purposes. The rituals of Hajj & visiting Mecca have inspired writers to recount/photographers to recount the experience of their spiritual journeys & their reactions on reaching the holy cities. The Hajj has also inspired many artists, artisans & craftsmen. Seen in the objects highlighted in this exhibition: colourful depictions & evocations of the holy places in the manuscripts, calligraphy tools, Hajj certificates & tiles, the instruments made to find the direction of Mecca; the glorious textiles to the two sanctuaries; the imaginative works by modern Canadian & international artists.

Sun 10 Oct
10:00 AM →
Mon 11 Oct
→ 12:00 PM

This event is free and will be accepting optional pay-what-you-may donations for admission.

Organized by

MACC (Mihrab Art & Culture Canada)

MAAC A nonprofit organization, its art collection reflects the goals and diverse interests of the founder, a collector of cultural artefacts from around the world, an art ambassador to Canadian Muslim and non Muslim communities and a cultural leadership award winner 2017. After many years of travel, Hammoud returned to Vancouver in 1995 with his wife to raise their children near family. He credits them for their support and for instilling in him the importance of history of Islamic Heritage & culture, examination and appreciation, qualities he hopes to pass on to his children and to the diverse audience through his curatorial work. His goal is to represent the aesthetic aspect of Islamic culture through art & architecture and the historical aspect of science & technology in Islam and its contribution to today’scivilization. His interest in history of art, architecture, culture, science, and nature ensures that these art objects combine to tell a rich variety of stories that connect them to people across cultures. During his 30 years history of traveling, the Vancouver-based Mr Hammoud ensured the collection becomes international in scope ranging from Safavid dynasty pottery in Persia to memluks glass in Cairo to the Abbasids manuscripts in Baghdad to the symmetrical geometry & arabesque in Andalusia. All in here in town as a compelling collection . This collection exemplifies MIHRAB Charity vision, mission and values to “ encourage respect to each and every individual and his or her unique cultural heritage “while reflecting the rich cultural mosaic of our Canadian communities at large. Collected and curated by Mr Hammoud, this art collection presented in multiple well organized events in elite spaces to celebrate our diversity and our connections, to unify rather than divide. Much of Mr Hammoud’s planned work has been oriented towards developing multifaceted cross cultural exhibitions to facilitate new opportunities for engagement by participants and audiences alike. MIHRAB Art & Culture is always searching for new artefacts to fill in the missing part of Islamic heritage & culture stories, artifacts that capture our history as it unfolds. His art resources library is 35 years journey of collecting, organizing and preserving thousands of valuable subject pertains books to create an art history library in a permanent museum in central Vancouver . The library goal/concept is to compliment the potential museum making the resources equally available for local artists, academics, art students, researchers, curators, and teachers.


350 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC

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Bil Hammoud



English, Arabic


This event is wheelchair accessible, and has gender-neutral washrooms.