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Making Beautiful Music Together


Lloydmisnter, SK

Digital recording Adult Digital & new media Kids Music Performance

The LCSC will share sheet music with the community who will have the opportunity to learn the music on their own instruments at home. LCSC will ask community members to record themselves in short videos either playing the shared sheet music on their instruments, on homemade instruments, or dancing to the provided music. The LCSC will then digitally edit all of the videos to create a complete song, combining all of the videos submitted. Watch our Facebook page for details

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

This event is free.

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City of Lloydminster

The City of Lloydminster has shared values, cultural and recreational activities that reflect the diverse traditions, customs, values, heritage, identity and history of Lloydminster. The City of Lloydminster promotes the health, well-being, safety and quality of life for individuals, families and the community.



Lloydmisnter, SK

Review the sheet music and practice it on your instruments at home. Use your camera to record yourself playing the sheet music and send it to If you don't have an instrument, or don't play but would like to be involved, sing the song, dance to the music, or perform in some way and submit it to us. -(Brass) -(Guitar) -(Piano)

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Sarah Hockridge