The Anglerfish

Uptown Waterloo

Waterloo, ON

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Nature & outdoors

Sculpture & installation


Visual arts

The Anglerfish By Ryan Longo Rising from the depths this multidimensional metal beast will protect you from a thick darkness that has swept the earth. This creature appears hard and dangerous but it’s true nature is kind and soft. A careful protector from a harsh place this bioluminescent being with guide you with its alluring light. Step up to the this creature and don’t be afraid. Tap into the consciousness of the anglerfish through it’s interactive portal. Spin the controls to put your colours out into the deep dark void. Now in this darkness, you will be the one who shines. Artist Bio: I find inspiration in the relationship between nature, technology and how it manages to work itself into our lives. My passion is in working with my hands and creating. I focus on using industrial materials to create a natural look. When I get a chance to experience nature I’m so blown away how the natural world is finds a way. Every random element has a purpose. Light has become a common theme in most of my work in the past few years. Light gives the art another dimension and opens up many different ways to show my work. Since then my art has grown. It has become more refined and my process has matured. Because of this I've brought many different people into my life through art. This has had an incredible impact on my life. The experiences created for other through my art keeps driving me to take it to the next level. Art, It's what glues us all together. It fills the blank spaces. Adds beauty where there is darkness - Ryan Longo ---

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Lumen Festival

This event is free.

Organized by

City of Waterloo

Lumen is an annual, free, all-ages festival that is open to the public and run by the City of Waterloo’s Arts and Culture team, Create Waterloo. The event features the work of artists as they explore the interplay of light, art, and technology in installations located throughout uptown Waterloo. Hosting 30+ visual, interactive, new media, and performance-based installations, the event is an exciting night in uptown not to be missed!